Friday, January 15, 2010


Since my last post:

* I have graduated with a BFA in Craft and Material Studies/ Jewelery!

* My Windgate Fellowship Application is due in 1 week!

* I had work in 2 shows: 1708's "Small Wonder", and my senior class's "Uncommon Denominator" which I helped curate.

* I sold a brooch I had in "Small Wonder" for $200!

* I had a meeting with Katie Ukrop at Quirk Gallery, and will be represented by Quirk Represents at the end of the month!

* Kyle and I found a cheaper (but somehow much nicer) apartment down the street and will be moving at the end of the month!

I will hopefully be renting out a studio space soon at Artspace, so I can get back to work!

I have some new pieces from the end of the semester, but they're being photographed right now, so I'll have some sweet new images to share next week!

thanks for reading!

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