Monday, September 21, 2009

New work coming soon

I'm back!

I've been busy in the studio since August and I have some new work coming this way; my computer is nearing its last days and has stopped allowing me to upload photos off my camera, so I have no pictures yet (there are still pics on there from the honeymoon!) But they are coming!

My senior class is holding a show in November-December as part of our final, so look for updates about that in the near future as well.

I'm hoping to have some time to start working on a line of pieces to sell, either on Etsy or in some local boutiques (or both!), but its been hard to find the time under all my schoolwork! I'm officially graduating in December, and depending on where Kyle's job takes us I'm hoping to get a studio set up and start my post grad work making schedule :}

In other news, (pending the paperwork going through the school) I will be starting an unpaid fieldwork internship to do window dressing at Anthropologie in the next few weeks! I'm extremely excited, (besides it being one of my very fave stores) as it will open a lot of doors for me job wise after school ends, and I get to work with my friend Emily ( who helped me get the internship! It will take away some of my studio time, but I think i need to do it so I will have to figure out how to manage my time between school and Anthro and baby-sitting and being married!

I'm excited about the work I'm making right now, having a little trouble in the motivation department some days but maybe my narrowed studio schedule will give me a kick in the butt that I need.

Hope to have new images/updates up soon!

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